Why Justly

We Help Lawyers Find, Mind, and Grind

Our Mission

From day one we have been focused on making access to legal services cost effective, time saving and transparent for consumers and businesses to acquire their legal needs by using technology wherever possible in the first instance before moving on to garner human lawyer support.

We believe that contracts should not be written by lawyers for lawyers – they should be engaging, useful and designed for the end user. We’re making contract workflow faster, smarter but also more human by adopting both a plain-English and design-centric approach to contract creation.

Justly partners with progressive law firms to enhance your ability to engage and collaborate with clients.

If innovation, experience and simplicity aligns your values with ours, we’d love to hear from you.

Our business model

Justly provides lawyers with a white-label, cloud-based platform like Xero, but for lawyers and their clients, providing both the professional and the client with access to create and collaborate on matters.

Justly allows lawyers to outsource data collection to clients via an intuitive graphic user interface or input the data on behalf of the client. Justly automatically assembles documents based on client inputs according to firm precedents, saving authors hours on each matter, all while giving clients an unprecedented client experience.

Justly’s graphical and dynamic interface guides users through the data gathering process with easy-to-understand steps and plain English help guides, digitally capturing their personal information, circumstances and instructions to automate document generation and free up lawyers to focus on providing advice.

All data is saved and securely cloud-stored and recycled across different matters making the efficiency benefits greater with every use.

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Partner with Us

Justly partners with progressive law firms to radically improve their ability to FIND, MIND and GRIND.

We will help you FIND new business through our directories, referral engine, cross-selling features and up-selling from our Self Service channel and website integration.

We will help you MIND clients with a modern white-label automated on-boarding, 24/7 cloud client portal, automated reminders, referral capture and cross-selling leads.

We will help you GRIND with world-class process and document automation, recycled cloud data, and one-click mirror documents.

Justly’s near-term product road map will see it release other private client legal solutions including Advance Medical Directives, Trusts, Opting Out Agreements and automated estate administration processes.


Justly’s documents are fully legally compliant in accordance with New Zealand statutes, legislations and incorporate the latest amendment requirements. Our precedents are peer-reviewed and approved by legal experts across small, mid-sized to large law firms.

Onboarding with Justly gives you immediate access to our popular Justly precedent. We are also able to customise our workflow system to suit your specific firm needs, add additional clauses and meet formatting and stylistic preferences.


Justly is 100% New Zealand owned and the curating team is fully based in New Zealand.

Our shareholders include the New Zealand Venture Investment Fund (New Zealand government investment arm), The IceHouse (New Zealand’s premier business management and mentoring provider), The Ice Angels (New Zealand’s largest angel investment group), law firms, lawyers, barristers and technology entreprenuers.


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