Justly® for Lawyers

Supercharge productivity and optimise the value of lawyer-client relationships

Justly® is  a cloud platform that works like Xero but for lawyers and their clients. Justly® allows lawyers to outsource data collection to the client or to use the software on behalf of the client to achieve unrivaled efficiencies, capture better quality data, recycle data, streamline processes, standardise precedents and improve margins.

For your practice

Find new clients

Simply getting in front of new customers can often be the biggest challenge in growing your practice or company. By partnering with Justly®, your legal practice is listed in our Advisor Directory, where people are searching for lawyers. You also benefit from leads generated by our targeted advertising campaigns and your firm’s brand is tied to referrals that get shared via our software’s referral engine when your existing clients recommend Justly™to others.

Mind your clients

Justly® puts you and your clients on the same page. Reach clients through a secure online portal. We add your brand to the collaborative Lawyer-Client user interface (UI) and all system generated emails, support communications, and referrals shared. Justly® positions your brand and firm as modern, progressive and a legal business model leader. You can expect this to convert into more frequent engagement and greater loyalty.

Secure estate administrations

Justly® includes dynamic business model innovations that enable you to secure for your firm estate administration work that would otherwise be matters in the hands of other firms. Justly® also incorporates tools that greatly simplify the probate and administrations steps.

Lower your overheads

Because Justly® outsources to the client much of the discovery and data entry the need for secretarial staff is greatly reduced. Justly® also incorporates solutions that lower the costs of new client and matter acquisition and automates a number of processes, communication tasks  and removes the need for recall costs that all offer margin improvements to law firms.

For your lawyers

Save yourself time

Justly allows lawyers to do more work in less time. This makes you more competitive, increases your margins and helps you attract more business or be more selective about the business you take on.

Outsource to your clients

Clients love Justly® because it offers control and transparency. Your clients do the basic modelling and data entry which Justly makes dead easy. Leaving you to do what you what you’re good at – consulting.

Increase client engagement

Justly® is super convenient and easy to use and engages the client collaboratively to do the discovery and data-entry. This leads to happier more engaged clients who are actively involved in the process. This shortens response and turn around times, shortens the life cycle of a matter, speeds up billing and results in transparency and better appreciation of your value-add.

Create customer loyalty

Justly® allows customers to feel that they have engaged with their lawyer, rather than being removed from the process and having to front up for an expensive bill at the end, for work they don’t see happen. This increased connection and shared understanding of needs results in a higher rate of customers who are more likely to return for future service.

For your clients

Smart document builders

Justly® incorporates full-scope will and EPA builder tools that are simple, smart, legally-robust and put your client in control of the experience. Using Justly® your client is able to create their solutions using intuitive diagrams and info graphics all while fully supported with dynamic prompts system checks and plain-English guides.

Beautiful convenient experience

Justly® is a beautiful mobile cloud app  that empowers both client and lawyer to work like never before – collaboratively and in the most convenient way possible –  to make solutions that meet the client’s specific intent, in terms that they understand, and as efficiently as possible.

Innovation starts, right here.

Justly® is currently partnering with law firms so if you are interested in receiving more information about Justly® and how you can use it to help your lawyers and firm, please register your interest.

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