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Justly, has been adopted and in some cases mandated by a number of New Zealand law firms.
Here is a sample of author feedback:


Justly has the power to revolutionise …an ever increasing competitive and cost-conscious market. Using Justly, taking and acting on will instructions has never been easier or as intuitive. It’s also highly flexible, being used by our firm interchangeably for new business leads and as a will document generation tool, commenced either by our clients or ourselves. Its business model represents the best of both worlds – allowing access to online legal solutions for a tech-savvy generation, but with the safety net of legal advice focused on delivering real value.
John Bates (Managing Director) – Saunders & Co


Justly has allowed us to reduce the time input by our solicitors when producing Wills and EPAs. It also ensures that clients turn their minds to all aspects of Will planning because they are forced to consider all of the options… The other huge benefit is receiving payment for services in advance.
Sam Rowe (Partner) – Fitzherbert Rowe


I’m really loving it [using Justly]… Thank you so much Kevin – you are a star!
Fiona Green (Senior Associate) – Breaden McCardle


“I just wanted to say that I think that you have done an amazing job… Well done! I will be using Justly to create EPAs from here on and will be encouraging the rest of my team to do likewise.”
Lauchie Griffin (Director) – Wakefield’s Law

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